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Blocked drains are one of the most common and most frustrating calls for any home owner. When a drain gets backed up, it disrupts your entire routine. From showers to sinks, blocked drains are simply frustrating. Most drain issues are caused by a problem with the drainage trap, or the device used to stop gases from your sewerage system coming up into your home.

These traps come in many different forms. Your standard sink usually has a “U” shaped trap, something you are familiar with if you have ever opened the cabinet for your bathroom or kitchen sink and looked at the pipe work. The pipe goes into a curve, like the letter “U”, and then continues moving on into the system. The most common trap in your home, however, is called a P-trap. Like a U-trap, the P-trap gets its name from the letter it resembles.

Based on the severity of your blocked drain, there are different approaches that you can take to clear it. A slow flowing drain can often be dealt with through normal consumer drain cleaning products. However, if after the application of consumer products the drain shows no signs of change, it’s time to call a specialist. The same applies to drains that are completely blocked. These drains will not be affected by consumer products, so your best bet is to call a specialist to help resolve the issue.

If the blockage is visible to you, it is possible that you can clear it yourself. For bathtub drains, for example, a large amount of hair at the surface of the pipe can cause slow or zero drainage. By removing the plug, you might be able to remove the blockage by hand, clearing the line. However, if the problem has moved into the trap, the process can become far more complicated. There are tools that can be used to clear the line, but if the blockage is too severe the pipes may need to be separated in order to effectively clear your drain.

Just remember that drain problems worsen quickly. A small blockage that remains unchecked can rapidly evolve into a serious issue. It’s best to catch these things early on to prevent damage to your home thanks to a heavily blocked drain. If the problem can’t be fixed by usual consumer methods, contact a specialist and nip it in the bud before it gets out of control.

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