San Francisco Sewer Repair and Replacement Specialists.


Sewer problems are much more than a frustrating mishap to deal with… they can be a downright mess. If you need sewer repairs or sewer pipe replacement services from a reliable contractor in San Francisco or the surrounding areas, call Sugar Bear Plumbing Co.. Our San Francisco sewer repair specialists are available 24/7 to take care of the residential and commercial sewer service needs of our customers.

Our sewer repair and replacement services are good for:

  • Burst sewer pipes
  • Clogged sewer lines
  • Leaking sewer lines
  • Old, unreliable sewer pipes that may break – or have already broken
  • Cracked sewer pipes

There’s a lot of factors that can contribute to your sewer problems. Whether it’s the roots of a tree from your neighbors yard that have made it all the way into your sewer pipes or just an old, worn out sewer line that’s finally had it, don’t worry – Discount Plumbing San Francisco  will provide you with prompt sewer repairs and sewer pipe replacements that help you overcome the mess.

If you are looking for Sewer Repair and Replacement in San Francisco, please call us at (650) -619-0407 to speak to a Customer Service Representative

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